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Who I am

I obtained my PhD in cognitive psychology in 2007. Having worked in both academia and the private sector, I have over 15 years of experience in cognitive science research, clinical research, evidence generation, data science, and healthcare innovations. During my time as a Senior Scientist at Philips Research, I gained experience in R&D, project and stakeholder management, and multi-site international collaborations. I have demonstrated proficiency in designing studies, analysing data, and communicating research findings to various audiences.

My research at Philips has focused on developing innovative and meaningful solutions for people with cognitive impairment, including neurodegenerative and acquired brain damage. For instance, I was involved in the development of a digital cognitive assessment tool for people with mild cognitive impairment and dementia, and a digital cognitive training tool for older people who experience memory decline.

In addition, I have worked for several years on diversity & inclusion, specifically on diversity analyses and gender mainstreaming issues, diversity strategies, awareness campaigns and trainings, and the development of tools for HR and management to monitor and increase diversity. This also included in-depth work on Responsible AI and the assessment of bias in data and AI. 

As a research consultant, I work at the intersection of research, data science, cognitive and behavioural science, monitoring & evaluation, and diversity & inclusion. I support private and public organisations to establish evidence that supports the long-term success of their solutions and products, to evaluate the impact of their projects and programmes, and to assess potential inequalities and biases in their organisations and in their work.

Selection of scientific publications

Klaming, L., Spaltman, M., Vermeent, S., van Elswijk, G., Miller, J.B., & Schmand, B. (2024). Test-retest reliability and reliable change index of the Philips IntelliSpace Cognition Digital Test Battery. The Clinical Neuropsychologist.

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