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What others say

Daisy van Minde
Product Lead

IntelliSpace Cognition

“Laura has been a great asset to the venture. She analysed research data, worked on scientific publications and presented the scientific work of the business in a very professional way. Laura has remarkable writing skills and, in addition, is able to see the bigger picture. This allows for great discussions and input on the future directions or use case scenarios for the business. Next to this, she is thoughtful, friendly, I trust her opinion and it is a pleasure working with her.”

Malini Laxminarayan
Programme Officer

Netherlands Helsinki Committee

“Laura is a very driven researcher, involved in a variety of topics around psychology, justice, and health. One of her most impressive skills is her analytical mind that ensures that all projects and efforts are most impactful and meaningful as possible. Her current focus on data science is a good match for this reason, in addition to more policy-oriented research, including Monitoring & Evaluation. We also worked together on a gender audit, where she was able to critically reflect on different processes and procedures and how to offer strategic and feasible recommendations.

Ron Dotsch
Lead Research Scientist
Snap Inc.

“Laura is a brilliant research scientist with a proven track record of leading impactful projects. At Philips Research, she spearheaded several initiatives where I witnessed her exceptional domain expertise, methodological precision, statistical rigor and drive for excellence. Laura’s dependability, efficiency, and collaborative nature ensure top-notch results and elevate the work and scientific standards of those around her.

Evelijne Hart de Ruijter
Research Lead


“I closely collaborated with Laura at Philips Research for over 6 years. Laura is a smart, intrinsically motivated, tremendously knowledgable, and highly skilled Cognitive Scientist who excels in efficiency. She has a clear view on what needs to happen, when and by whom to swiftly achieve the team’s objectives and milestones. She puts integrity first and speaks up when needed. She truly acts as a role model for diversity & inclusion.”

Mike Swackhamer
General Manager
IntelliSpace Cognition

“I worked with Laura in her capacity as Data Scientist contributor to Philips Intellispace Cognition. In short, Laura’s contributions to the ISC business have been invaluable. Her scientific insights paired with her strategic perspective on critical business matters has enabled her to make a tremendous impact to the business. As a valuable thought partner on a variety of complex business initiatives, Laura is a high-impact team member and a pleasure to work with.”

Emily Cook
Senior HR and I&D Professional
Top Employers Institute

“I worked with Laura in her previous role as Senior Scientist at Philips. Laura was instrumental to the success of the organization’s first global gender pay equity analysis. The project was run cross-functionally, involving colleagues from the HR Function and the Research Function, as well as members of the Senior Manager Team. Laura’s stakeholder management, as well as her ability to translate complex scientific concepts into actionable business insights, was exceptional.”

Dafni Stampouli
Project Manager
EU Organisation

“Laura is a well recognised professional and an experienced researcher in the fields of psychology and health. She has worked on various projects in different sectors. Her analytical and communication skills contribute to meaningful and impactful insights and outcomes. She deploys a very collaborative approach, and positive attitude and has a unique calm and collective way to approach even the most challenging situations. Her indepth knowledge, exceptional work ethic and dedication make her an invaluable asset to any team.

Eddine Bahaa Sarroukh
Innovation Lead

Philips Foundation

“Laura’s unwavering dedication, expertise, and commitment to excellence are evident in her thorough approach to projects. Her extensive knowledge of cognitive psychology, exceptional proficiency in monitoring and evaluation, coupled with a profound understanding of data analysis, distinguishes her. Laura’s collaborative and supportive nature renders her an indispensable asset for any team, and her documentation consistently upholds high standards.

Björn Vlaskamp
Lead Human Vision Scientist


“I have worked with Laura for several years and have come to know her as a reliable and effective researcher. What sets Laura apart are her keen analytical mind, technical proficiency, and her commitment to delivering high-quality results at a fast pace. Her proactive approach to problem-solving and willingness to go above and beyond expectations made our collaboration enjoyable and productive.”